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Innovation and technology applied to fashion

ES Collection, founded in 2006 in Barcelona, ​​started off as a manufacturer of men’s swimwear. Months after its opening, it gained very high recognition in the Spanish market. Soon after, ES Collection set foot on different European countries and took its success to an International level. ES Collection is currently present in 25 countries.

Thanks to the successful launch of swimwear, ES Collection decided to include underwear, sportswear, casual wear and accessories in its collection. After 10 years of being in a sector as competitive as the world of fashion, ES Collection managed to position itself as a brand which represents quality and innovation.

ES Collection is one of the most innovative companies in its sector, something that differentiates it from all the other male clothing brands. ES Collection has always dedicated itself to innovation, making sure the quality of the garments always come first.

ES Collection pioneered in inventing and patenting pack-up, a pressed molded foam cup which helps to avoid unwanted marks on the front of the swimwear, meanwhile improving aesthetics and achieves an instant volume increasing effect of male attributes. ES Collection also introduced and patented the solar tattoo,  a semitransparent fabric that allows the rays of the sun to pass through the garment, leaving fun shapes on the skin.

A few more techniques such as Dimensions, three different sizes for each size of underwear; Pack up and Back up, pressed and molded foam cups inspired by female wonderbras to highlight male attributes; U-Shape, mesh brief incorporated in the swimwear that allows for more comfort; all R+D ensures ES Collection keeps on innovating and excelling in the market.

In addition, it should be noted that ES Collection represents quality in terms of the raw materials it uses and the finish of the garments. Based in Barcelona, ​​ ES Collection manufactures almost all of its production in Spain, remaining one of the few companies that can still be put on the label the almost extinct words: MADE IN SPAIN.