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Dystopia: fall-winter 18/19 collection

ES Collection launches its F/W season preview. Called Dystopia, this new collection was presented during the February edition of Barcelona Fashion Week. “Dystopia” poses a world where contradictions of ideological discourses are brought to their most extreme consequences. In this sense, dystopia presents a decadent reality warning of the potential dangers of ideologies, malpractice and the behaviours on which our current society is built: extreme capitalism, state control, consumerism, technological dependence, wild pollution, etc.

Within this context, the designer Carmen Monforte has been inspired by the great references of cinema and literature which initially developed this concept. Thus, books like Brave New World or 1984, or films like MadMax, Blade Runner and Waterworld have served as an inspiration to develop a futuristic collection after an apocalyptic world where traditional schemes give way to a change of concepts and paradigms.

When presenting this change in paradigms, garments play constantly with contrasts of thicknesses, styles, colors, textures … We can find synthetic quilts and leathers in the same garment combined with very fine fabrics such as thin polyamides or meshes, or very elegant and delicate garments including karabiners and ropes, typical of a much rougher and rural context. In summary, a collection which is not governed by traditional aesthetic patterns, one which presents a man and woman who are survivors of a global catastrophe.